Music Hire Library

In conjunction with Homerton College, we offer orchestral and vocal sets for hire, to Christ's College members and to the wider public.

If you are interested in hiring a work from us, please contact:

Christ's College:

Email: or phone: 01223 (3)34905

Homerton College:

Email: or phone: 01223 (7)47260

How to Use This Collection:

  • Select your desired piece from the Catalogue.
  • Contact the relevant Library.
  • Collect and return the work(s) you have hired from/to the issuing library in person.
  • Our loan periods are negotiable, but in general we determine them by the date of your concert plus two weeks.
  • You are responsible for all of the parts that you hire.
    • Parts should only be marked in pencil and all markings should be rubbed out before return. An admin fee of £10 may be charged for the removal of markings.
    • If parts are lost or damaged, you may be charged a replacement fee. Please note that some works cannot be purchased on a part-by-part basis, so loss of one part may result in a charge for the full set.
    • If parts are being returned by post, we consider the date of postmark to be the date returned. You may wish to use registered post and/or tracked delivery.
  • You are responsible for all Performing Rights requirements and for adherence to Copyright regulations.

Hiring Fees:

  • Use of the Music Hire Library is free to all members of Christ's and Homerton Colleges.
  • For other borrowers, the following charges apply and the price will be quoted on request:
    • Band A: £25.00 (larger works, e.g. symphonies, concertos)
    • Band B: £15.00 (medium-sized works, e.g. overtures)
    • Band C: £10.00 (small works, e.g. small chamber/vocal sets)
  • Payment should be made at time of collection, either by cash or by cheque. Cheques should be made payable to 'Christ's College' or to 'Homerton College', respectively.

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